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17.06.2015 June Intelligent Oven : San Francisco : Cooking
The June Intelligent Oven, San Francisco

San Francisco – Cooking may have had its iPod moment with the June Intelligent Oven.

  • It cooks, toasts, bakes, roasts and broils in one microwave-sized oven
  • June is programmed to make 15 foods perfectly, from steak to bagels to brussels sprouts,  expanding to thousands of recipes as the platform grows

The brainchild of two former Apple employees, Nikhil Bhogal and Matt van Horn, the June Intelligent Oven, or June for short, is a smart cooker that comes with wifi, a built-in wide-angle HD camera, 5-inch touchscreen display and a digital scale.

With all this technology, the June can identify whatever foodstuff is inside, automatically recommend the perfect cooking instructions and even send recipes to the user’s phone. The accompanying app works like a remote control and alerts users to how their dinner is progressing and when it will be ready. Food junkies can watch their food cook and create videos and images that can be uploaded to social media.

‘We haven’t seen a major movement in the kitchen since the microwave came to market in the 1950s, and it’s what most of us are using today to get a quick meal,’ van Horn tells LS:N Global. ‘The example we like to give are the kitchens you see in Mad Men not all that different from what we’re used to today! We wanted to create a countertop intelligent oven that would leverage the convenience of the microwave, the latest technology available and the culinary tact of the oven, resulting in a fast and delicious meal.’

The Big Picture: For more smart devices poised to revolutionise domestic life, check out our Connected Home market report.

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