Preview: Altruvation

08 : 06 : 2015 Toyota : Tesla : Kering Group

Global – This week’s microtrend examines the big brands mixing altruism and open-source innovation.

  • Toyota and Tesla have opened up their patents, even to competitors
  • Kering is sharing its sustainable methodologies with the industry as a whole
Fueled by Bullsh*t series presented by Toyota Mirai, US Fueled by Bullsh*t series presented by Toyota Mirai, US
Powerwall by Tesla, US Powerwall by Tesla, US
Toyota Mirai Toyota Mirai

Openness drives innovation, as open-source software development demonstrates, and for purpose-driven Immortal Brands, it makes no sense to hoard technological secrets. By throwing open their doors to enable anyone to become a collaborator, forward-thinking brands such as Toyota and Tesla project openness, innovation and dedication to a social mission, while giving their R&D departments a valuable advantage over less open competitors. 

The Big Picture: Brands with purpose outperform their narrowly commercial peers. For more on how to give your brand meaning, read our Altruvation microtrend.

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