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03.06.2015 Nice 2 Hack You : UK : Chrome
Nice 2 Hack You for Big Data by Rajeev Basu, US

UK – The Nice 2 Hack You app wants internet users to show they have nothing to hide when it comes to browsing online.

  • Chrome extension unearths embarrassing online secrets
  • Sharing browser history can earn users free merchandise

The plug-in unearths ‘interesting sites’ that might include porn, dating history, medical data, music and more, and encourages users to share the results with friends and family in exchange for rewards. Created by Rajeev Basu and band Big Data, Nice 2 Hack You offers rewards for those brave enough to open up about their browsing habits.

According to its creators, the project has been designed to incite debate about data. ‘There is a certain empowerment that comes with the open acknowledgement of one’s online activity,’ Big Data told It’s Nice That. ‘Hopefully, if enough people try Nice 2 Hack You, we’ll be able to make something fun out of the larger results.’

The Big Picture: Digitally native consumers are becoming wise to the value of their data. Find out more with our macrotrend The New Value Economy.

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