The Age of the Long Near: Whole-system Thinking preview

03.03.2015 Whole System Thinking : The Age Of The Long Near : Whole Chain Thinking
Whole-system Thinking

London – LS:N Global introduces Whole-system Thinking, the last of our three trends that we will present at our Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Briefing, The Age of the Long Near.

LS:N Global’s new approach to consumerism goes beyond sustainability and traditional environmentalism to show that brands that want to remain relevant must start thinking on a planetary scale.

‘Our impact on the environment continues to increase, and it no longer makes sense to view nature as pristine and untouched by human activities,’ says LS:N Global visual trends analyst Aleksandra Szymanska. ‘Instead of looking at it as something separate, we need to embrace a deeper engagement with nature, one where we use bio-technology and genetic engineering to integrate consumerism with the environment.’

Find out how a new generation of bio-technology innovators are shaking up Silicon Valley and why bio-engineering company Ginkgo Bioworks’ designer microbes are exciting perfumers around the world.

Our trend charts the emergence of biological devices such as Ambio, a lamp that uses bioluminescent bacteria to light up a room, and Mercedes-Benz’s forward-thinking designs for a photo-voltaic paint that turns its vehicles into solar panels.

From design to retail, architecture and agriculture, brands must start to consider going beyond sustainability and into Whole-system thinking.

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