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Azekel experiments with digital scent, Chipotle connects dispersed friendship groups, and new online shopping behaviours will continue after Covid-19.

Azekel’s multisensory music exhibition is purely digital

ALL1 by Azekel in collaboration with Veronique Nyberg at MANE, designed by Diana Ganea, Louisiane Trotobas, Kumbirai Makumbe and coded by Anastasia Semenoff

Global – ALL1 is an immersive exhibition that amalgamates sound, light, scent and texture as a digital experience.

Initially designed to be a physical exhibition before the impact of Covid-19, musician Azekel adapted the space into a virtual exhibition that taps into the themes of his new EP Azekel Unreleased. When viewers visit the exhibition, they are faced with a visual and audio experience that goes beyond the typical limitations of digital interfaces.

One way ALL1 pushes these boundaries is by using olfactory triggers, collaborating with Veronique Nyberg at MANE to create a scent that can be translated into the virtual realm, using descriptions that allow the reader to build their own interpretations and memorial experience.

As consumers seek experiences that transport them into an enlightened state, they are engaging with music through more interactive listening experiences.

Reimagining public transport for the inter-Covid era

Arrival Bus, UK Arrival Bus, UK
Arrival Bus, UK Arrival Bus, UK

UK – Bus operator Arrival has unveiled a zero-emissions bus designed to make public transport more sustainable, while prioritising public health.

Amid heightened awareness of hygiene and personal space, the Arrival Bus aims to improve perceptions of transportation by creating an environment that emphasises space and cleanliness. Features include a zero-touch bell, removable seats that can be configured to ensure social distancing, and smooth interior surfaces that make the vehicle easier to clean.

‘We are working with cities to make every touchpoint within the urban transportation ecosystem not only better, but also more equitable and sustainable,’ says Kwame Nyanning, chief of experience at Arrival. ‘Recent events have made it clear the world needs to take action now in order to improve lives and effect real change.’

In addition to helping cities meet emissions targets, Arrival is taking steps to safeguard the passenger experience during the pandemic. Post-Covid, citizens will continue to demand higher levels of urban health and more civic cities.

Chipotle invites different households to dine together

US – The casual restaurant chain is rolling out tools that will allow groups of friends to order simultaneously.

Chipotle’s new group order feature is available from the brand’s website and enables customers to share a group order link so that multiple people can order simultaneously to their separate addresses. A host handles the checkout process, while orders can be tracked on the website by all members of the group.

By leveraging group meals, the restaurant can engage customers who remain cautious about returning to physical dining spaces, while acknowledging the conviviality of group dining.

As some regions emerge from lockdown, consumers are turning to food as a tool for socialising. In response, brands must rethink existing eating in and dining out formats for the inter-Covid era.

Chipotle, US

Stat: Online shopping habits will outlast the pandemic

Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose Zalando #Sneakernet by Superimpose

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, consumers in the US have embraced e-commerce at a rapid and unprecedented rate, as per data from

About a third of consumers are shopping at pre-Covid-19 levels, but many have simply shifted their spend online. This compares to 13% who have shopped online more often for groceries and 16% who have ordered more regularly from restaurants. The report also finds that almost a third of Millennial (31%) and Gen X (30%) shoppers are more likely to continue using digital channels after the pandemic.

In our Feedback Frontiers macrotrend, we explore how the role of customer service will be increasingly vital as the relationship between consumers and retailers becomes more remote.

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