Smart leggings help correct yoga poses through vibration

13.06.2017 Retail : Wellness : Technology
Nadi X by Wearable X, US

US – Nadi X uses embedded electronics to send pulses to wearers when they are performing a pose incorrectly.

Designed by Wearable X, the new yoga leggings are intended to mimic the touch of a yoga instructor. The leggings help consumers who want to practise self-guided yoga to do so correctly by drawing attention to the focal points of the different poses, pulsing at different strengths and frequencies depending on the adjustment that is needed.

The sensors feed back via Bluetooth to a smartphone app to establish which pose the wearer is trying to hold. Visually, the garment appears much like other products on the market, seamlessly integrating the technology within the leggings to create an invisible eco-system.

‘We worked with more than 50 yogis across three different continents to understand the importance of alignment in time and space,’ says Billie Whitehouse, co-founder and CEO of Wearable X.

The Big Picture

  • Consumers are looking for new technology that allows for a more democratic approach to The Optimised Self – finding ways to improve their physical performance without necessarily relying on expert instruction
  • To date, wearable technology has often been clunky, but brands are now demonstrating how this technology can be better integrated to augment the user experience