AI can now personalise your beauty regime

05 : 06 : 2017 Beauty : Technology : Digital

Global – Startup HelloAva uses machine learning to select products for consumers that address their specific skincare needs.

HelloAva, Global HelloAva, Global
HelloAva, Global HelloAva, Global
HelloAva, Global HelloAva, Global

A series of questions created in collaboration with dermatologists determine the user’s skin type. The HelloAva chatbot AVA uses this data to recommend products to users. The data is also used as the basis for an interview with a human advisor if required.

‘More than 90% of the women we interviewed didn’t have a single clue about what they are putting on their face or what they are buying,’ HelloAva co-founder and CEO Siqi Mou told TechCrunch, describing the app’s potential to educate consumers about toxic chemicals and harsh preservatives found in everyday skincare products.

The Big Picture

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