Luxury Network Evening 2016: Laura Mitchell

09.11.2016 Surprise Destinations : Revalation Brands : Hudson & Brown

London – Laura Mitchell, marketing manager at luxury travel agency Brown & Hudson, explained to the audience at our Luxury Network Evening how bespoke travel is evolving and why consumers want to forget about the destination.

  • Brown & Hudson is ideally placed to take advantage of luxury consumers’ increased interest in experiences rather than material luxury
  • Its approach to creating bespoke holidays concentrates on developing a deep understanding of a client and its goals, rather than just key destinations it is interested in

Every trip that Brown & Hudson creates is unique. This is because each itinerary is based on building a deep understanding of the client rather than simply asking it about a desired location. After an initial consultation, Brown & Hudson conducts a more in-depth interview with customers before progressing to the research and concept stages. The team spend about 90 hours on each trip, which means that they only work with a limited number of clients each year.

The Brown & Hudson ethos is encapsulated in the Journey with no Destination service. The premise behind this product is that it starts with a client identifying a personal goal, such as confidence and serenity, and the travel agency creates a package that helps it to achieve that aim. Clients don’t discover the destination until they reach the airport, so they can concentrate on their goals without distraction.

The Big Picture

For more on the future of luxury, book tickets for our forthcoming Luxury Futures Forum 2016, and keep an eye on our Shop page for the accompanying report.

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