Global Drivers 2020+ Webinar

19 : 05 : 2021 Global Drivers : Methodology : Human Needs

Discover the six key global drivers that represent the cultural, social, economic, political, technological and environmental eventualities reshaping the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/21 has reshaped the world. Economies have shut down, we’ve witnessed five years of digital progress in a few months, systemic inequalities have been laid bare and normal life all but ground to a halt.

From the complex impacts of climate change, depleting resources and ageing populations, to a global pandemic, geopolitical instability and new kinds of populism rewriting political and social agendas, the 2020s will be a decade of challenge and continuous, ongoing disruption.

Over the next decade, society will be reshaped by a set of influential and pervasive global drivers. These drivers differ from trends in that they are more factual, objective and long-term structural forces that are pervasive, powerful and transformative – and their impacts are rarely black or white.

In our new Global Drivers 2020+ report and webinar collection, you will learn how the acceleration of these drivers will affect the role, purpose, and direction of your brands and businesses as we move towards 2030.

  • As specialists in strategic foresight, The Future Laboratory is built on tracking and identifying these emerging signals in order to help you turn uncertainty into future opportunity
  • To find out how the six global drivers affect your business, contact our team. You can also explore how the six global drivers relate to our full Methodology here

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