Fountain of youth: The anti-ageing supplement

18 : 08 : 2013 Medicine : Antiageing : Nutraceuticals

UK – Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in red wine and grapes. While it is available as a pill, Fountain: The Beauty Molecule is the first water-soluble, bio-available form of the supplement.

Fountain, a concentrate of resveratrol that has been dissolved in a pomegranate-flavoured water to be easily ingestible, is presented in apothecary-style bottles to highlight the product’s medicinal nature.

Several studies have found that resveratrol has visible effects on ageing. Research published in Science magazine by Harvard Medical School in March this year revealed ‘conclusive evidence that the compound resveratrol directly activates a protein that promotes health and longevity’.

Fountain promotes that study on its website, advising youth-seekers to take one teaspoon of the elixir a day to maintain a healthy glow.

We examine the interest in dietary supplements and a healthier approach to beauty in our Body Temples macrotrend, which explores the rise of Nutraceuticals, ingestible products that make one beautiful from the inside out.

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