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Guerlain wants NFTs to spark eco-action, Convivial Cookware shakes up the spirit sector, and a lack of physical activity hits people’s confidence.

Guerlain’s cryptobees unite NFTs and biodiversity

Reaverse by Guerlain, France

France – Merging its sustainability efforts with a Web3 presence, luxury beauty brand Guerlain is selling 1,828 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of bees to support a rewilding project in France’s Vallée de la Millière nature reserve.

The brand, which uses royal jelly derived from bees in some of its products, is using its year of inception – 1828 – as the foundation for rewilding 1,828 pockets of land. It will do this through the sale of NFT Cryptobees – digital artworks whose sale supports the nature reserve, while unlocking NFT ownership and access to the reserve for owners.

Guerlain describes the collection of Cryptobee tokens as a Reaverse – a blend of 'real' and 'metaverse' – venture, uniting digital communities and sustainability through real-life action. Ensuring access for a range of audiences, the Cryptobees are available in four levels of rarity and price. In this way, the company is entering the world of NFTs through a practical, values-driven approach.

While many fashion and luxury brands are finding their footing in virtual realms, such projects provide an example of how NFTs can become tools for promoting environmental action among consumers.

Strategic opportunity

Across sectors, brands hoping to experiment with NFTs should consider the long-term social, environmental and political opportunities that can be bolstered through innovative digital assets

A spirit bottle designed for sipping with friends

Mercer + Prince by A$AP Rocky, US Mercer + Prince by A$AP Rocky, US
Mercer + Prince by A$AP Rocky, US Mercer + Prince by A$AP Rocky, US

New York – Musician and artist A$AP Rocky is infusing the spirits industry with a more convivial energy through his new whisky brand Mercer + Prince, using its bottle design to inspire more sociable sipping moments.

Designed to enjoyed with friends, Mercer + Prince is shifting the whisky market towards younger audiences. Retailing for an accessible £24.60 ($32, €29.50) per bottle, the whisky is sold in a versatile glass bottle that comes with two detachable glasses that can be used to pour and enjoy the drink on the go, at house parties or outdoor events. Adding to its adaptability, the square bottle's label design allows it to be stored or merchandised horizontally or vertically.

According to the brand, its name denotes two New York City streets, Mercer and Prince, where people from all walks of life converge in pursuit of fashion and culture. By merging the two locales, A$AP Rocky wants to evoke the concept of duality between old and new, as well as high and low. Further, with his unique bottle design, A$AP Rocky is bringing the idea of convivial eating and drinking into the spirits industry, giving it a youthful boost in the process.

Strategic opportunity

How can alcohol companies capitalise on the concept of conviviality to appeal to younger audiences? Consider how packaging or label design can inspire new drinking occasions or moments

L’Oréal taps TikTok for direct beauty sales

Paris – Global cosmetics company L’Oréal is partnering with social media platform TikTok to capitalise on emerging beauty trends and products shared through the app.

To garner buzz among TikTok users, it has created product discovery boxes, with L’Oréal the first company to incorporate the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag onto its branding.

As TikTok swiftly becomes a crucial cog in beauty products' success or viral marketing, L’Oréal is launching exclusive discovery boxes that can only be purchased through the social media app. In this vein, it has collaborated with influencers like Kirsty Belle (@kirsty.bell) and Dolli (@dolli.glam) on a set of curated discovery boxes that are only available on TikTok.

To date, the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag has amassed more than 10bn views, with L’Oréal's decision to launch discovery boxes pointing to a future in which viral TikTok trends, legacy brands and package design will collide to create the next generation of Influ-Seller Platforms.

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt by L’Oreal UK and Ireland in collaboration with TikTok UK

Strategic opportunity

For beauty, health and FMCG brands, consider how lingo, vocabulary and hashtags associated with key social media platforms or communities can be incorporated into packaging and products

Stat: Inactivity can quickly affect mental wellbeing

 Adidas’ New Sports Bra Collection, Germany Adidas’ New Sports Bra Collection, Germany

As people become increasingly aware of the connection between their mental and physical health, research by sports apparel brand ASICS reveals that just one week of physical inactivity can have a significant impact on overall wellbeing.

According to its global Uplifting Minds Study, just one week of inactivity can reduce a person’s confidence by 20% and lead to a decline in positivity of 16%. Meanwhile, study participants reported a 23% increase in racing thoughts, along with a 22% drop in their ability to cope with stress.

These findings indicate an ongoing need for brands to support people in building regular and consistent physical activity into their routines – in particular as ASICS finds it takes just 15 minutes of physical activity to lift people’s mental states, even after periods of inactivity. As we explore in Synchronised Care, the shift towards such Emotional Fitness is gaining momentum, leading to a rise in fitness brands exploring ways of supporting people’s whole wellbeing.

Strategic opportunity

Health and wellness companies should communicate the benefits of engaging in physical activity for even short periods, providing opportunities to support people fitting movement into their daily schedules

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