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Endel and Grimes create an algorithmic lullaby, Foot Locker celebrates basketball communities and young Americans will be voting in US election.

This rooftop walkway promotes local wellness

Loop of Wisdom by Powerhouse Company, Chengdu, China
Loop of Wisdom by Powerhouse Company, Chengdu, China
Loop of Wisdom by Powerhouse Company, Chengdu, China

The Netherlands and China – The Loop of Wisdom is a rooftop trail that aims to elevate public walking and jogging routes.

Perched atop the museum and reception centre of chip manufacturer Uni-Hiku, the design by Powerhouse Company is intended to reflect the natural undulation in the local Chengdu terrain, while promoting health and wellness. ‘We wanted to work with the landscape rather than ignore it… Its design is complementary to the surrounding natural landscape and its gentle form invites people to come and explore the context and the surroundings,’ explains Stijn Kemper, partner at Powerhouse Company.

The resulting Loop of Wisdom covers 698m and rises up 25m at certain points. The path is also embedded with LEDs to make it accessible at night. Powerhouse Company has designed it to be purposely accessible to all for locals to enjoy or integrate as part of their regular walking or jogging routines.

As health and wellness become entrenched in mainstream mindsets, it’s expanding into property and public spaces. Read Wellness Architecture for more case studies.

Endel partners with Grimes on AI lullaby

AI Lullaby by Endel × Grimes, US AI Lullaby by Endel × Grimes, US
AI Lullaby by Endel × Grimes, US AI Lullaby by Endel × Grimes, US

Berlin – Endel, the creator of personalised soundscapes, has partnered with musician Grimes to release a collaborative, AI-powered lullaby.

The ground-breaking project features original music and vocals by the artist, which are processed by Endel’s AI technology to generate а soundscape that adapts in real time to the listener’s location, time and weather. Backed by neuroscience, the AI Lullaby is scientifically engineered to improve sleep in both children and adults.

Serving as an example of how artists can work with AI and technology, the collaboration also reflects the changing role of music in the future of wellness. ‘We believe that solving fundamental problems like the lack of sleep, lack of self-awareness and constant stress requires sophisticated engineering, cutting-edge science and art,’ says Oleg Stavitsky, co-founder of Endel.

As we explore in our Music as Medicine microtrend, musicians, record labels and start-ups are working together to harness sound’s impact on health, wellbeing and mood.

Foot Locker’s multi-city celebration of basketball

Foot Locker Basketball Community Programme Foot Locker Basketball Community Programme

Global – Foot Locker has launched a community programme to elevate local basketball infrastructure in key cities.

In a multi-city celebration of basketball, and in partnership with the NBA, Foot Locker is championing local basketball infrastructure in key cities throughout Europe including Paris and London, as well as North American cities such as Detroit and Toronto. This includes redesigning urban courts and launching art installations by each city’s local designers.

As part of the commitment to local communities, the brand will also sponsor local grassroots teams, providing them with the tools to promote themselves and to assist them on their journey. Local team-branded merchandise will also be available in neighbourhood Foot Locker stores.

As a result of the pandemic, community spaces such as outdoor basketball courts have taken on new significance for young people in urban areas. In our youth macrotrend, Paradox Personas, we consider the growing importance of these physical leisure spaces.

Stat: Young American voters could dictate the US election

Off Hours, US Off Hours, US

Young Americans are committed to voting in this year’s US election, according to a new report by Harvard University. The Harvard Youth Poll found that 63% of respondents aged 18–29 said they would definitely be voting in this year’s election, a substantially higher share than the 47% who said they would be voting in 2016. ‘Self-defence, in 2020, is one of the primary motivations for voting,’ explains John Della Volpe, director of polling at Harvard Kennedy School.

What is more, this generation are placing more value on health, which tops the list of national issues they care about. The study found that young Americans have a strong preference for more increased policy actions to address healthcare issues (72%) and to improve access to mental health services (75%).

With access to mental and physical healthcare a priority for Generation Z and Millennials – and the government failing to respond – disruptors have the opportunity to step in and create more decentralised systems of care.

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