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Selfridges moves beyond retail and into cinema, Holidermie takes a holistic approach to skincare and Indian consumers are confused by protein.

Nike invites young athletes to push their limits

You're It, Nike

Global – Nike’s You’re It campaign is a rallying cry to young girls to push their performance limits.

The ad by Wieden + Kennedy features high-speed animations and vivid visual effects that transform the protagonists into a supercharged version of themselves. The campaign, which features young female athletes from around the world, positions tagging as a source of power that emboldens kids to reach their full potential in sports like diving, tennis, skateboarding and dance. In a statement, Wieden + Kennedy explained that the campaign is about ‘creating a powerful sisterhood that’s fuelled by movement’.

The tv ad is accompanied by a digital game of tag that invites people to show their sporting skills over Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, before passing on the challenge to someone else by declaring ‘you’re it’. Visitors to the campaign’s microsite will also find a series of gamified YouTube workouts and online movement rewards in the form of downloadable GIFs.

Fitness brands are creating campaigns specifically targeted at young girls in order to keep them engaged in sport at a time when they might otherwise turn their back on it. As a result a host of new fitness spaces are emerging that are designed with tweens in mind.

Selfridges to open a three-screen cinema in-store

Selfridges Cinema, London Selfridges Cinema, London
Selfridges Cinema, London Selfridges Cinema, London

London – The retailer has announced plans for a permanent cinema in its Oxford Street store, due to open in November this year.

Selfridges is working with independent boutique cinema Olympic Studios to create the new space. The Cinema at Selfridges will mark the first time such a facility has been accommodated by a department store anywhere in the world. To ensure the viewing experience is world-class, the three-screen cinema will be fitted with state-of-the-art sound and vision technologies.

Offering a mix of blockbusters and independent films, the programming will include evening screenings after the store’s trading hours. ‘For us, this is a very exciting, yet natural extension to what Selfridges does, which is to provide customers with an extraordinary experience all year round,’ says Simon Forster, managing director. In offering customers experiences beyond shopping, the Cinema at Selfridges shows the evolution of ideas we discuss in our Experience 2020 report.

Holidermie targets skincare from inside and out

Paris – The French beauty brand takes a holistic approach to beauty with its range of nutricosmetics products.

Holidermie is breaking new ground in beauty with synergistic products that support the internal functioning of the epidermis, while targeting external aggressors that affect the skin, such as oxidative stresses. The line combines nutritional supplements with topical beauty and anti-ageing cosmetics, which are formulated to work together.

Covering lifestyle, exercise, nutritional and sleep habits, the brand uses a questionnaire to help determine which supplements and products are appropriate for customers. In addition to its range of nutricosmetics, Holidermie has also developed unique application techniques with a facial massage and exercise programme.

With beauty brands increasingly embracing health and wellness, the Total Beauty Market is continuing to grow and evolve.

Holidermie, Paris Holidermie, Paris

Stat: Indian consumers are unsure how to follow a protein-rich diet

India – New research has concluded that some 85% of Indian consumers are not able to correctly identify the key sources of protein.

The report by Mintel found that Indian consumers most commonly associated protein with bone health (36%), followed by muscle building (24%) and weight loss (19%). Furthermore, of those that were able to identify sources of protein, 32% strongly agree that it’s still difficult to gauge if they are getting enough protein in their diet.

‘There is a clear need for companies and brands to help consumers differentiate between the various protein sources and their associated health benefits,’ says Natasha Kumar, food and drink analyst for India at Mintel. ‘Companies and brands should not only emphasise the quality of protein consumption but the quantity, as well as how it relates to the recommended dietary daily allowance of protein.’

India’s young people are an influential and growing segment of the consumer population who are becoming increasingly interested in the health and wellness space. There is therefore ample opportunity for food and drinks brands to tap into this mindset and help educate consumers on the role that protein can play in a healthy diet. For more on how to tap into this demographic’s mindset, see our Emerging Youth Market.

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