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Brands destigmatise feminine hygiene

15 : 05 : 2017 Beauty : Wellness : Branding

Global – A wave of straight-talking, chemical-free and design-savvy brands are challenging the taboo around feminine hygiene.

The feminine hygiene industry, beset by lazy marketing euphemisms and a lack of innovation, has been slow to progress. In a bid to destigmatise the market, a wave of brands are moving away from traditional sexualised typologies and offering luxurious, straight-talking branding and all-natural products.

Unsatisfied with the chemical-laden options available to women looking to maintain good vaginal health and weary of the shame associated with the topic, Lo Bosworth founded Love Wellness, a range of all-natural feminine hygiene products. ‘Why can’t we elevate the experience of being a woman and take care of our bodies in a way that is enjoyable rather than embarrassing?’ she asks.

The Big Picture

  • When it comes to marketing feminine hygiene products, it can be tempting to use euphemisms, but in the age of Bare-it-all Branding, brands are increasingly moving away from traditional sexualised typologies
  • In a market that is predicted to grow 4.83% year on year until 2021, it is important to create products that stand out. Going all-natural and creating a range of non-toxic products will ensure that your brand has a competitive edge. For more, see our latest microtrend