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03 : 04 : 2017 Retail : Automation : Streamlined Shopping

Shanghai – Wheelys 247 is the first automated retail model to open in China.

  • The first Wheelys 247 Chinese store is in beta testing in Shanghai
  • Swedish company Wheelys was launched in 2014 with its café-on-a-bike franchise
Wheelys 247, Shanghai Wheelys 247, Shanghai
Wheelys 247, Shanghai Wheelys 247, Shanghai
Wheelys 247, Shanghai Wheelys 247, Shanghai

Wheelys 247 will remain open continuously throughout the year, selling basic items such as chocolate, cigarettes and crisps. To enter the store, consumers first have to download and register with the Wheelys app, which is then used to scan purchases.

In conjunction with surveillance cameras fitted around the store, the app helps to deter shoplifters by ensuring that each in-store customer is identified. This connected retail environment taps into the consumer desire for convenience shopping as well as incurring minimal running costs for the brand.

‘The web, automatic deliveries and staffless stores will redraw the retailing landscape over the next 10 years,’ says Robert Ilijason, head developer of the Wheelys store. ‘Wheelys will be the enabler that lets anyone open their own staffless 24/7 store.’

The Big Picture

Wheelys is demonstrating how smaller companies can compete with mega-systems such as Amazon in a bid to shape the future retail landscape. See our Groceries to Go insight for more on Streamlined Shopping experiences.

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