Sparkke Change, Adelaide. Sparkke Change, Adelaide.
Sparkke Change, Adelaide. Sparkke Change, Adelaide.
Sparkke Change, Adelaide. Sparkke Change, Adelaide.

Sparking change

02 : 12 : 2016 Sparkke Change : Branding : Drinks

Adelaide – In a bid to disrupt the drinks industry, Sparkke Change has launched alcoholic beverages with strong messaging on the cans.

  • The range comprises four drinks that tackle issues surrounding asylum-seekers, gender, sexual consent and Australia Day
  • The company aims to raise both awareness of, and funds for, important social issues

A can of ginger beer raises the issue of asylum-seekers, a lemonade tackles gender equality, a can of cider addresses the topic of sexual consent and a Pilsner targets Australia Day. The lemonade can states that ‘nipples are nipples’ in a hard-hitting, straight-to-the-point message on gender, while the ginger beer supports asylum-seekers with its slogan of ‘boundless plains to share’.

The company is driven by nine young activist women from a diverse range of sexual orientations, cultures and backgrounds. ‘In addition to producing seriously great products, our other primary goal is to spark discussion on the issues that we are really passionate about – issues that matter to our generation, ones that are centered around inclusivity, social equity and simply being fair,’ said Sarah Barrable-Tishauer of Sparkke Change in a press release.

Sparkke Change chose drink to promote its message for it being ‘the greatest conversation-starter of our generation’. Some 10% of all sales revenue will go directly to support organisations working on each social issue.

The Big Picture

The idea of brands aligning themselves with a political viewpoint is pushed further by brands choosing to tackle timely, relevant and important social issues. For more, see our Brandstanding microtrend.

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