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15 : 08 : 2016 Education : Training : Learning

Global – LS:N Global’s latest macrotrend deals with why and how the separation between industry and education is breaking down.

  • 'The last big innovations in education were the printing press and the textbook,' says Anant Agarwal, CEO of online learning platform edX.
  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of American adults consider themselves life-long learners
Art Gym at The Tate, Liverpool
Tekla technology festival, Sweden
Series 3 exhibition by Louis Vuitton, London

Young people don’t want to be at school any more. Why would they? They can learn as much online as they can in the classroom. Many are better versed in the trends shaping tomorrow’s world than those at the head of the class.

The idea that education ends on graduation day is also outdated. The three-stage model of education, work and retirement is simply not how many people live today. At the same time, educators are calling for pedagogy between brands and schools to help them address a widening skills gap.

Some of the key topics covered include: Brand Educators, who are spotting the skills they need and training potential future employees; Machine Managers, who are moving beyond a critical mindset towards artificial intelligence; and Body Hacking, the methods pushing humans further in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Big Picture

Traditional educational institutions have failed to keep up with consumers and brands are now stepping in as partners in this continuing process of self-improvement. Read The Learning Economy to find out more.

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