Good taste: Project blends gastronomy, food design and virtual reality

14 : 01 : 2015 Project Nourished : Kokiri Lab : New Foodscapes

Los Angeles – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat cheesecake on Mars? Project Nourished, a virtual dining experience from Kokiri Lab, will offer just that.

Project Nourished by Kokiri Lab, US Project Nourished by Kokiri Lab, US

The Los Angeles design playground and think tank has developed a unique dining experience that blends the worlds of gastronomy, food design and virtual reality, in which the food is made from naturally sourced hydrocolloid polymers and gums. 

Using VR headsets, Leap Motion hand-trackers and customised utensils, Project Nourished will immerse diners into its new world, in which they will be able to choose from an extensive menu and a host of vividly imagined settings. Taste is influenced by a range of factors, including flavour, texture, colour and smell, and by playing around in wonderfully surreal ways Kokiri Lab hopes to recreate authentic tastes and imagine some of its own.

For more on creating captivating sensory dining experiences, read our New Foodscapes microtrend.

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