Beyond beauty: If LS:N Global made… a beauty brand

02 : 01 : 2015 Sanctuary : Personalised : Ethical

LondonLS:N Global's beauty brand would harness the latest technology to help consumers deal with 21st-century problems.

Sumiyoshido Kampo lounge by id, Japan Sumiyoshido Kampo lounge by id, Japan
Imprint of Skin by Floor van Doremalen Imprint of Skin by Floor van Doremalen
The Beauty Chef The Beauty Chef
Beautiful Me app Beautiful Me app
Kjaer Weis's refillable mascara by Marc Atlan Kjaer Weis's refillable mascara by Marc Atlan

We would set up an R&D lab like Julep and ask consumers to test and try our products, taking them along on the product development journey.

Behaving with an ethical conscience would also be important to us and we would pair with a charitable cause, seeing social responsibility as the foundation on which to do business.

Our products would be refillable like the Kjaer Weis cosmetic compacts, with easily replaceable make-up cartridges. But as well as being multifunctional we would also want the packaging to offer a sensorial experience so we would design tactile packaging using materials such as wood and ceramics.

We would incorporate the best ingredients, harvesting rare botanicals from plants which thrive in extreme conditions. The new year would start with a Dirty Detox, with activated charcoal and clay being added to topical beauty treatments and ingestibles. Look out for our January microtrend to find out how.

Following in the footsteps of some of the top beauty brands, we would cast a beautiful Flat Ager like Linda Rodin or Cindy Joseph to front our campaign. Smart women know that potions won't erase the decades, neither would they want to, so we would banish the term anti-ageing and we would celebrate grey hair as a smart style choice.

And finally, our store would create a sanctuary from the noise and confusion of 21st-century living and would invite consumers to turn off and tune out. We would host sensory cinema screenings and beauty talks with industry insiders including Violet Grey.

If LS:N Global made… 2014 is a series of reports reflecting the LS:N Global team’s pick of the best innovations of the year, and those that are most relevant for consumers in 2015.

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