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Spotify launches a Generation Alpha app, Singapore launches an eat-along cooking show, and online split personalities rise among teens.

A kombucha campaign that celebrates self-expression

You Brew You by Health-Ade Kombucha You Brew You by Health-Ade Kombucha
You Brew You by Health-Ade Kombucha You Brew You by Health-Ade Kombucha

Los Angeles – Health-Ade Kombucha’s latest campaign targets a new generation of health-conscious drinkers.

The campaign, You Brew You, introduces the brand’s new flavour and packaging concepts, as well celebrating the popularisation of kombucha. Diverging from traditional drinks advertising, it features a series of young models in bright clothing with colourful, neon-lit backdrops.

While kombucha brands tend to communicate in a way that focuses on health, wellness and fitness activities such as yoga, Health-Ade Kombucha is on a mission to change the image of the beverage and target a new generation of digitally-native consumers.

As the younger generation look to the future and consider how drinking impacts their health, they are turning towards soft drinks with additional health benefits. For more, explore the insight section of our macrotrend Anxiety Rebellion.

RedMart is the world’s first edible cooking show

Singapore – Eat This Show offers viewers the chance to order the food they see on the live stream.

RedMart, the online supermarket arm of Lazada Singapore, is behind the show, which sees local chef Bjorn Shen cook his signature dishes on Facebook Live. The first 25 viewers can then order the food being cooked, which will be delivered to their home. Meanwhile, those who miss out are able to click through to the recipe page and order the ingredients to recreate the dish themselves.

According to TSLA, the creative agency behind the campaign, 100,000 people so far have tuned in with the hope of trying the exclusive dishes. ‘Creating a cooking show that takes the food from screen to mouths isn’t just something that’s never been done – it’s also a great way of showing the world that RedMart’s products are fresh and delicious,’ says Ariel Lee, head of mothering at TSLA.

Food brands are increasingly entering the lucrative Live-stream Market, showcasing the opportunities for immersive eatertainment.

Eat This Show by RedMart Eat This Show by RedMart

Spotify targets the next generation of young listeners

Spotify Kids

Global – The streaming platform’s new app offers families a kid-friendly, ad-free listening environment.

Available to Premium Family subscribers, the Kids app allows children to start building their musical libraries from the age of three. Users will be able to choose from a range of playlists hand-picked by experts – not algorithms – who filter content for explicit content. The app includes categories such as Movies & TV as well as playlists for homework and bedtime activities.

The app is designed to grow with the children as they get older, with the younger kids’ version offering singalongs and lullabies, as well as more cartoon-like characters. In the future, Spotify hopes to add more content such as audiobooks and podcasts to encourage education among young listeners.

Young people are increasingly seeing audio as an escape from our visual-first world. Read our interview with Beano Studios for more on how brands can address the needs of Generation Alpha.

Stat: Generation Z play with multiple online personalities

Today’s youth are experimenting with multiple identities in the digital realm, according to a new report by Havas. The Coming of Age report, which looks at the behaviour of 18–20-year-olds in the UK, found that just half of these consumers believe that their online persona represents their real self.

What is more, the report explores how the popularity of finstas continues to rise – 35% have multiple profiles within the same platform. Demonstrating the way these platforms can shard consumers’ identities and allow them to try on new personalities for size, 28% say their online profiles show a completely different person.

To understand how the consumers of the future are deconstructing their identities in the digital age – and harness their behaviour – download our new Youth Futures Report.

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