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26.11.2015 Meme : Jins : Wearable Technology
Meme by Jins, Tokyo

Tokyo – Eyewear brand Jins has released a series of everyday wearables that monitor mind and body.

  • Multiple sensors transmit data to a smartphone app for live monitoring
  • A ‘normal’ brand campaign focuses on the daily routines of ordinary people

The Meme line of eyewear by Jins signals another move towards the normalisation of wearable technology. Incorporating electro-oculography and six-axis motion sensors into a largely inconspicuous frame, the eyewear monitors the wearer’s health and wellbeing according to two metrics: Mind Age (focus, energy and calm) and Body Age (movement, posture and stability).

While acknowledging potential applications in the medical research and development sector as a form of pre-emptive care for Japan’s ageing population, the wearable technology provides wearers with the chance to ‘see themselves’ during common activities such as reading, running and long-distance driving. Jins has also created an online platform that provides developers with resources and the opportunity to pitch ideas for new apps.

What this means to your brand:

Brands are guiding consumers on their incremental journey towards improved health and wellbeing. Find out more in our macrotrend The Optimised Self.

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