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29.04.2016 CP+B Miami : Letgo : Commercializer
The Letgo Commercializer by Crispin, Porter and Bogusky Miami, New York

New York – Second-hand market app Letgo helps users to drum up interest in their unwanted goods with their own big-budget advert.

  • The new feature of the Letgo mobile app lets users create their own shareable content
  • Since its launch, the Letgo Commercializer has produced more than 100,000 customised adverts

Sellers can choose from four tongue-in-cheek versions of advertising archetypes – shopping channel, pharmaceutical, 80s action and perfume – for their own campaign. The Commercializer uses techniques including image-blending, motion-tracking and colour-correction to realistically integrate a user’s product into the videos, directed by Matt Villines of Saturday Night Live and comedy directing duo Matt & Oz.

‘With this handy innovation, all the magical selling power that used to take months to dream up and cost millions to produce can now be unleashed free with a couple of clicks on the seller’s smartphone,’ says Jay Gelardi, executive creative director at agency Crispin, Porter and Bogusky Miami, which developed the campaign. ‘Commercials have never been so cost-effective.’

The Big Picture

Once the privilege of big-budget brands, high-quality shareable content is now available for anyone. Our Anti-authenticity Marketing macrotrend explores the effects of advertising ubiquity on consumers, while our forthcoming Branded Content Market report will eamine the ways in which brands are engaging viewers in the age of ad-blockers.

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