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Lavinia Fasano

Lavinia Fasano

Lavinia joined The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global in 2021 and serves as its in-house luxury expert. In addition to leading the annual Luxury & Hospitality Futures report, she contributes daily articles to LS:N Global, as well as longer features such as microtrends, market analysis, and interviews. During her time with The Future Laboratory, Lavinia has contributed insights to publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Wired, and Jing Daily.

Lavinia has experience in the art, design, and editorial industries, and has worked at several independent magazines as well as a furniture design studio. She’s interested in the future of the home, and how design can improve the lives of everyday people.

She’s contributed to magazines including Disegno, Sleek, and CLOAKROOM, and continues to apply her cultural understanding to projects with clients across the lifestyle and luxury sectors.

What drew you to the world of trends and foresight?

While studying history of art at university, I was always interested in the artists that were ahead of their time. By defying social conventions, they helped push forward society, opening the door for alternative realities. Working in trends and foresights, I can learn about the thinkers, designers, brands, and innovators that are doing this in the present day.

Which macrotrend or article is essential for LS:N Global subscribers to read?

If you want your eyes opened about what's possible in an urban environment, it’s got to be Equilibrium Cities.

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