Kindred Diners Tribes

Kindred Diners:

This tribe is on a quest to make eating convivial, pleasurable yet thoughtful, building local communities...

Untethered Luxurians Tribes

Untethered Luxurians:

Challenging what it means to be wealthy, this tribe have chosen a lifestyle that prioritises...

The Conscious Decelerators Tribes

The Conscious Decelerators:

This tribe of wellness pioneers are looking to slow down and return to more holistic forms of wellbeing that...

The Uncoupled Tribes

The Uncoupled:

Meet the new tribe of consumers who are choosing to embrace singledom, polyamory and platonic love over...

Subconscious Shoppers Tribes

Subconscious Shoppers:

Three technology-driven US consumers invite us into their homes to explain how their relationship with...

The Upstreamists Tribes

The Upstreamists:

Fuelled by the backlash against clean eating, these food and drink consumers reject fad diets and treat food...

Low-impact Eaters Tribes

Low-impact Eaters:

Members of this tribe are changing their eating habits owing to increasing anxiety about the state of the...

Young Vietnamese Luxurians Tribes

Young Vietnamese Luxurians:

Ambitious, stylish and intelligent, young Vietnamese luxurians are taking full advantage of the country’s...

Mexican Luxurians Tribes

Mexican Luxurians:

From supporting local designers to connecting with the region’s rich artisanal culture, this...

Beauty Backlashers Tribes

Beauty Backlashers:

This tribe is actively rejecting the prevailing narratives in the beauty industry and searching for brands,...

Skinthusiasts Tribes


Thanks to the rise in internet forums and skincare blogs, these beauty consumers are armed with...

Life-long Learners Tribes

Life-long Learners :

This tribe of high-net-worth high achievers are more interested in spending their money on self-enriching...

Anti-luxurians Tribes


Purist athletics gear, technology-driven fashion and brand subversion are the new cornerstones that...

Fastronomic Foodies Tribes

Fastronomic Foodies:

For Fastronomic Foodies, food must be convenient and high quality. Meet the tastemakers who...

Party-totallers Tribes


Tired of a culture that normalises inebriation and places alcohol at the centre of every event,...

Beauty Mavericks Tribes

Beauty Mavericks:

The Beauty Mavericks have gone their own way, creating their own products and services to cater for their...

Holistic Athletes Tribes

Holistic Athletes:

A desire to balance their minds, meals and bodies as well as their skin keeps Holistic Athletes...

Waste Warriors Tribes

Waste Warriors:

Motivated, disciplined and inventive, Waste Warriors around the world are doing everything they can to...

Gen Viz Tribes

Gen Viz:

Gen Viz is a global, liberal and visual-first tribe at the forefront of key emerging trends among Generation Z.

Kidpreneurs Tribes


Ambitious and fearless, this subset of Generation Z knows exactly what they want in life and are willing to...

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