Gen Viz Trend Tracker

Gen Viz:

In 2016, LS:N Global coined the term Gen Viz to describe Generation D’s insatiable appetite for visual-first...

Revelation Brands Trend Tracker

Revelation Brands:

Revelation Brands, identified by LS:N Global in 2015, explores how companies are helping consumers to...

The Optimised Self Trend Tracker

The Optimised Self:

Identified by LS:N Global in 2015, The Optimised Self charts a widespread consumer quest for personal...

Awakening Tech Trend Tracker

Awakening Tech:

Identified by LS:N Global in 2014, the Awakening Tech macrotrend explored how consumers are negotiating...

The Flat Age Society Trend Tracker

The Flat Age Society:

In 2014, we identified The Flat Age Society, a group of optimistic and entrepreneurial consumers aged 60 and...

The New Sublimity Trend Tracker

The New Sublimity:

Identified by LS:N Global in 2012, The New Sublimity macrotrend charted a widespread consumer movement away...

Rurban Revolution Trend Tracker

Rurban Revolution:

Identified by LS:N Global in 2010, Rurban = rural + urban. City dwellers are rejecting the impersonal...

Beyond Retail Trend Tracker

Beyond Retail:

Beyond Retail was put to paper (or screen) in 2010, but is more of a constant, continuing study of the...

The Personal Information Economy Trend Tracker

The Personal Information Economy:

The Personal Information Economy (PIE), first identified by LS:N Global in 2011, refers to the increasing...

Bleisure Trend Tracker


Identified by LS:N Global in 2009, Bleisure – business + leisure – refers to the increasingly blurred...

The Just Nots Trend Tracker

The Just Nots:

Meet the Just Nots, first identified by LS:N Global in 2011. They pay their taxes, work hard and do all...

New Emerging Affluents Trend Tracker

New Emerging Affluents:

First identified by LS:N Global back in 2012, the New Emerging Affluents (NEAs) have come to define global...

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