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London grime Briefing

London grime:

London ­– Clean Air Now has launched a new campaign in collaboration with a number of grime artists.

Game on

Game on:

Berlin – The Computer Game Museum has created an interactive advertising campaign that taps into gaming...

Salone 2017 Preview: Circular design Briefing

Salone 2017 Preview: Circular design:

Milan – Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat has created an exhibition that showcases its sustainable...

Sleepless dreaming

Sleepless dreaming:

US – Mattress retailer Casper has launched a new campaign aimed at late night insomniacs.

Way with words

Way with words:

Global – Sideways Dictionary uses humorous analogies to explain technical online jargon.

Jewel in Bulgari’s crown Briefing

Jewel in Bulgari’s crown:

Piedmont, Italy – Bulgari has opened the largest jewellery factory in Europe, designed to achieve...

Abstract body of work Briefing

Abstract body of work:

Wakefield – JW Anderson has curated a new exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield.

Urban jungle Briefing

Urban jungle:

Singapore – Oasia Hotel Downtown is a new hotel designed to act as a vertical garden.

That feeling when Briefing

That feeling when:

Global – Gucci has launched #TFWGucci, a collaborative meme project based around its latest watch collection.

Androids’ dream of stealth marketing

Androids’ dream of stealth marketing:

Global – A trailer for forthcoming sci-fi film Alien: Covenant positions AMD as the future of artificial...

Eco-merchandise Briefing


Global – Christopher Kane has created an eco-conscious fashion collection to coincide with the launch of...

Real-time rendering

Real-time rendering:

San Francisco – Epic Games has unveiled new imaging technology that enables users to customise commercials...

Food for fun Briefing

Food for fun:

Global – Be is a new range of organic wellness supplements aimed at members of Generation D.

Healing herb Briefing

Healing herb:

London – No 1 Rosemary Water is a new spring water tonic that makes use of rosemary's medicinal properties.

Preview: Civic Brands

Preview: Civic Brands:

Global – In a tense political climate, brands are stepping in to replace governments as educators and forces...

Preview: Telepresence Tech Briefing

Preview: Telepresence Tech:

Global – Family living arrangements are diversifying and technology is now being used to unite rather than...

Land of plenty Briefing

Land of plenty:

Amsterdam – SexyLand is a new members’ club concept curated each day by a different person.

Communal commuting Briefing

Communal commuting:

London – Ideo has designed a shareable car concept that would help consumers to limit their impact on the...

Preview: Neo-kinship

Preview: Neo-kinship:

As the nuclear family disappears and more fluid and complex forms of kinship take its place, technology is...

Trend Briefing 2017 Briefing

Trend Briefing 2017:

London – LS:N Global introduced three key trends that will shape future consumer behaviour to a packed...

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