We, the techno-philes: Awakening Tech preview

22.08.2014 Trend Briefing : The Me-Conomy : Awakening Tech
Awakening Tech introduced by Sonia van Gilder Cooke and Martin Raymond

London – In our Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Briefing, The Me-conomy, we will explore how consumers are negotiating their identities in a digital world. Integral to our new sense of self is our continually evolving relationship with technology. To examine this further, one of the macrotrends we will present at the event, Awakening Tech, will look at how technology is making it easier for brands to engage with people, and how it is making the experience better for consumers.

In our video preview, LS:N Global editor-in-chief Martin Raymond speaks to LS:N Global senior journalist Sonia van Gilder Cooke about the trend and why a technologically saturated society will not be the dystopian vision of the future that we might imagine. They discuss how technology is becoming more human and at the same time is helping us to feel more human, as well as what brands can learn from Big Data and how The Jetsons vision of the future is becoming a reality.

For more on Awakening Tech, watch the video above and book a place at the forthcoming Trend Briefing on our Eventbrite page. 

Look out in the coming weeks for previews of our other two macrotrends, The Sharded Self and The Meta-value Matrix.


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