Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14
Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14
Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14
Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14

Trivial Couture: Designers take inspiration from household chores

24 : 07 : 2014 Miuniku : Iconoclash : Fall/Winter 2014

Mumbai – the autumn/winter 2014 collection from Mumbai-based fashion label Miuniku draws inspiration from everyday household chores and the playful packaging design of cleaning products.

Sisters Tina and Nikita Sutradhar, designers and co-founders of the brand, translated mundane actions such as washing dishes, cooking and doing laundry into a high-fashion concept. ‘The designs focus on the monotony of our daily routines,’ they told ThisIsPaper. ‘We aimed to find interest in un-noticed things that we repeatedly use in our everyday life that have no significance in an obvious way and make them significant through the context of clothing.’

The primary colours which are characteristic of cleaning products and of plastic household items were translated into a balanced, sophisticated palette that references cheap supermarket products without literal logo references. The silhouettes are oversized yet structured, featuring geometric lines and multiple layers influenced by observing the process of hanging wet garments on a clothes line and folding shirts. The overall aesthetic is defined by the interplay between clean lines and sophisticated graphic details.

For more examples of design drawing inspiration from mass-produced goods and cheap supermarket items, read our Iconoclash design direction.


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