Distilling beauty: Architect creates sustainable winery in the mountains

02 : 09 : 2014 Smiljan Radić : Winery : VIK

Chile – Set among the mountains and sweeping valleys with the soaring Andes in the distance, VIK Retreats has opened a new winery that is both sublime and sustainable.

VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić
VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić
VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić VIK retreats by Smiljan Radić

Designed with the help of Chilean architect Smiljan Radić, who is becoming famous for his delicate Neolithic designs, the building perfectly frames the surrounding landscape. As well as looking beautiful, the smart design of the building offers some architectural solutions.

The entrance to the winery is laid at a two-degree slope, allowing water to stream over the vast space while also keeping the area cool. Walkways are cut into the space to enable visitors to explore the boulder-filled landscape. Designed to stand the test of time, the designer hopes they could one day be transferred to another location, ‘something permanent in the middle of the new’. 

In the main building, transparent fabric makes up the roof, allowing natural sunlight to permeate the indoor space and saving the use of artificial lighting. Inside the winery, which is buried below ground, guests can move through a series of rooms that offer a glimpse into the wine-making process. 

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